Last week we had a surprise visit from Santa! It was so fun to see how excited all the kids were and how excited my mom was! We used to see Santa every year at my Grandma Norma's house growing up, so it was fun for my Mom to carry on the tradition!
 Sarah loved seeing Santa, and she asked him for a miniature American Girl Doll that comes with the books.  Santa's elves had told him what a sweet and loving girl she is!
 Abi loved seeing Santa, she asked Santa to bring her a doodle bear this year.  Santa's  elves had told him what a big helper Abi is and how she is so full of energy!
 Isaac did not love seeing Santa as much as everyone else did, but he did enjoy watching the other kids go up and sit on his lap!  Santa's elves did inform Santa though of how loving and sweet Isaac is, and how friendly he is!
 Here is the whole family posing with Santa and Mrs. Clause
Before Santa left he finished by reading my favorite Christmas book that talks about Christ and the true meaning of Christmas.
This was the perfect way to start the Christmas season.


I went to the zoo and I took all of these pictures.

This is a tree in my front yard and I didn't know that it sprouted blossoms.

I took a picture of the bright bright sun. It was so sunny I didn't even feel like taking a picture of it.

I was at the zoo and I took a picture of my dad's friends new babies. They are twins.

This is a racoon. I think he is sleeping because it looks like his eyes are closed.

This is my sister and me. Our parents were taking a picture of us.

This is a mommy elephant and I heard that the elephants are going to have a newborn baby.

This is a newborn baby giraffe and I think she is as old as my baby sister.
This is me and Sarah and we are on the tipy top of a Rhino, well of course it is a statue Rhino.

This is me in a cave and I took a picture of a Rhino.


Grace's latest photos

This is my blog and I made it on Friday June 26.

This is my sea shell that I made and it is a bracelet. I made it at a festival in Hyrum while I was at a sleepover.

I took a picture of daddy outside with me while I was taking pictures.

This is a picture of a pretty flower that I took a picture of. These flowers are up on the rocks in our yard. My mom tells me never to climb them, but I climb them anyway.